Global Services

There are many reasons why you should consider trading in the global markets for at least just a portion of your portfolio.

When you get involved in the global economy as a ICG client via our ability to access certain international markets which may not be possible through your local stock or commodity markets, you will be participating in universal trades as some of the world's largest traders and major banks hold for which can potentially create short-term or long-term trends when they take on a position due to their enormous size.

Desiring rewards are sublime, but the safety of your funds is still our top priority. Not to mention that you may also benefit from privacy support laws due to our Italy domiciled operations center.

Many European countries such as Italy have specific laws that give some benefits to investors. These laws take the form of local no-tax on investment gains achieved outside of their Republic; however, you could still be subject to taxation in your domicile.

Other reasons to consider trading with us are asset protection planning which protects against claims from bankruptcy, creditors, other people having an interest in your money, and estate planning.

Italy is one of the most stable and popular banking jurisdictions in the world and home to the second largest international banking center next to Switzerland. It has more than 150 banks from 35 different countries, and continues to maintain what we consider to be the most solid banking and corporate book secrecy laws in the world which are engraved in its constitution for which is vigorously protected, and is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).