Your Money, Your Future!

While holding cash protects capital in the long-term, those low interest rates may have a negative effect on the value of your money if inflation takes a bite of it, for which then can reduce your purchasing power in years to come.

Ok, so tell me this, what should I do with my money? Consider investing for what you may need tomorrow and having your money working for you! Seek capital growth opportunities that can potentially achieve your needs and keep up or outpace inflation for years to come. Consider investing in commodities and financial derivatives. We believe the growing demand for them and their high leverage functionality offers potential to grow returns over time. You should also consider whether investing in commodity derivatives is appropriate for you since they carry a high degree of risk, whereas losses are possible and may not be suitable for all buyers.

We believe your portfolio today must be flexible enough to adapt to rapidly changing markets or industries. Therefore, we focus on not just the traditional assets, but also on the alternative ones that may be integral for your financial success. A Key Belief:

FORESIGHT-Since the global economy is constantly changing, we aim to be at the forefront of the capital markets when change is being made. We provide both ICG and our clients with the knowledge they need to succeed during both visible and transitory trends.

There is hope! Opportunities can be endless with clear vision and recognition. Both our experience and technology capacitates ICG and its clients with insight to industry and market trends that have potential growth earnings.

Explore commodity derivatives today! Your Money, Your Future!