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If you want an investment that can provide substantial profits in a short period of time, then commodities can be a great vehicle for that solution. In fact, commodity derivatives are utilized to take advantage of leverage for which can maximize your gains in industries that can be volatile.

While bonds and stocks are usually long-term investment choices, commodities can pay substantial returns in just a few months, or even in a few weeks. Because of this relative short investment time, commodities can be a great way to enhance results for your portfolio.

However, like many other investments, commodities carry a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all buyers. There are possibilities that you may suffer a loss in any commodities trading. At ICG we can limit the risks such as utilizing purchased options contracts where as your losses can never exceed your purchase amount.

Economic cycles, inflation or deflation, food and energy consumption, geopolitical instability, and production of commodity supplies can all have a significant impact on commodity prices.

At ICG, we focus on "7 Core Groups" to discover capital growth opportunities. These groups offer derivative products for which they provide leverage dollars to potentially enhance your potential returns.

Our 6 Core Groups:

  1. Precious Metals: Gold-Platinum-Silver
  2. Base Metals: Copper
  3. Grains: Corn-Wheat-Soybeans
  4. Softs: Sugar-Coffee
  5. Meats: Hogs-Cattle
  6. FOREX: Yen-Dollar-Euro-British Pound-Aussie Dollar